More Thoughts on Synergy

Drotara from Less QQ, More PewPew, has a great post up entitled Synergy. It’s most definately worth a read, as it really ties together some great ideas on why we pick the talents we do. For example, Drotara mentions Survivalist and Hunter vs. Wild. One talent increases your stamina, the other turns some of that stamina into raw AP. Another set of talents that have this kind of synergy are Lightning Reflexes and Expose Weakness

Which got me to thinking. If you apply the idea of synergy to gear choices as well, there’s no real need for a spreadsheet. I mean, sure, it’s nice to have… but you don’t NEED one. In sales, they use the term “value added” or “hidden value” to describe some of what I’m talking about here. Take, for example, this trinket.

picture-4At face value, this trinket provides you with 90 agility, with a chance to proc for another 300 for 15 seconds. Obviously, a killer trinket, and one very sought after by all physical DPS classes. Here’s where this synergy comes into play yet again. Lightning reflexes increases your total agility by 15 percent, and expose weakness, when it procs, gives you 25 percent of your agi as bonus attack power. So, when the Darkmoon card is NOT proc’ing, you’re looking at 103.5 agility from the trinket, and a bonus AP from expose weakness of about 25.

When greatness procs, you get 45 additional agility from talents, and 75AP. For a total of about 150 agility and 100 AP during the proc from talents alone, not counting the conversion of AGI to AP… Which means that the proc brings your total agility up to 450 higher than what you’d have with the trinket not equipped.

Synergy. Like Drotara said, you need to pick talents (and gear) that work well together. When properly spec’ed, you’ll increase the value of gear like this trinket. When choosing upgrades, keep in mind not only what’s on the tooltip, but the hidden benefits from your talents. The “added value” that your talents give can turn a good trinket into a great trinket, but they can also mean that an upgrade isn’t as good as you thought, if the piece you have already is more in line with your talents.

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    I’m on the same page as Abruzzi, i am going to defiantly book mark this blog.