Emailed question from “Gerg”

Presented in it’s entirety for posterity.

Hi Fitz

Foenix lvl 80 NE hunter Kul Tiras

Am so confused re auto shot. In short, when must I use it ie press auto shot button? My gs is 5.7k and I seldom do more than 3k dps:-(

Was sv before patch 4, now tried mm and bm.

Thanks a ton if you have time to help.


You don’t ever press the autoshot button. I am going to assume you are talking about steady shot, in which case you use that when you’re low on focus.

I found him on the EU Armory, so I’ll blame the poor typing on that.

What’s of greater concern to me than the autoshot button question is the insane amount of hit rating he has. As you can see, he’s at almost 13 percent hit rating, which is certainly not helping his DPS, as everything above the 8 percent cap is wasted itemization.

Fix that, work on your rotation, and your DPS will get better.

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