Liveblogging my Cataclysm Experience

So, here I am, with my Cataclysm Collector’s edition. I have made no effort to learn about the new zones, quests, or dungeons. Have no boss strats. I’m going in mostly blind. I think I’m gonna level BM… cuz it’s levelling, and therefore not serious business. I am sure people will be like “LOLFROSTHEIM SAID THAT MM WAS GUD 4 LEVELINGLOLOLOL” But you know what? I don’t care. I have a Spirit Beast and Goddamn it, I’m gonna use him.

Currently, I’m in the queue. 18 minutes left, 205 people as of 5:43PM Eastern time.

Update 5:45: YAY! only 6 minutes left!

Update 5:53: 18 people left, < minute!

I’m on. Expected more destruction from Stormwind. I’m in Rutheran Village now, attempting to fly to the top of teldrassil.

Yep… you can fly to the top. Neato.

On a flight path to Moonglade now to check out the new Mt Hyjal zone. Graphics engine is different… the water effects are amazing, everything is a little better. I love being able to fly in the old world for the first time, and I suspect that the amount of effort it took to convert the old content to real 3d models instead of facades was staggering.

6:39 – Darkshore is totally fucked up. Nice. Deathwing destroyed the hell outta that place. Heading into hyjal now


Horde are still assholes. I’m giving serious thought to switching servers. There were only like 5 people online from AUO, so the old “But my guild is here” argument isn’t really valid anymore. Anyone have any server suggestions?

Queue to get back in, so I’m on steemwheedle, no queue. Starting a Worgen 🙂

Queue is huge on my realm, none on Khadgar (my old realm), and it’s PVE.

Goodbye, bleeding hollow. Go to fucking hell. Transferring my main tonight.

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