The Return of /AFK Autoshot?

Casually huntarding again. I recently got bored with a few other games, and decided to check out what Pandaria had to offer. I played it for a month at release, transferred my toons to a PVE server, and then shelved the game again. When I decided to fire it up again, I was totally … LOST. No idea what I was doing. The PaLOLadin got played first, but grouping up with him was difficult because A.) I suck at Pally DPS, and B.) No one wants a tank who doesn’t know the fights.

I fired up the hunter, and although I’m nowhere near the DPS of my better practiced brethren, I found it easy enough to re-learn to play. I’m playing as SV now, mostly because the last time I played this hunter, that’s what I was, and I found it familiar. I remember BM at Pandaria’s release irritated me.

I was surprised to discover that there has been no new 5 man content since the release of Pandaria. I guess now that LFR exists, there’s not much need for it, and there are a metric TON of scenarios as well.

I DO need your help. Look up top, see the raptor? Can anyone remember what model that was and where to tame it? I miss having a raptor.

Anyway, not sure what will come of this, but I’m considering starting up a casual guild a’la how AUO used to be. Get together, drink, raid content, etc. Thanks to the Timeless Isle on the paladin, and also on the hunter, my hunter dinged 90 with 3 pieces of the timeless gear, then got several more. I got the “Legendary” quest’s first stage done through LFR, which has mostly been painless, although LFR has none of the social aspect of a good guild run or in-server PuG like in the wrath days, where you’d often pug with the same people frequently.



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