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Writing an “About Me” page seems backwards for me… after all, my meager little scribblings are in many ways not about me, but about the class I play and the people I play with.

The most important thing to know about my Azerothian persona is that I am the epitome of “hardcore-casual.” This seemingly blatant oxymoron is really the best way I can think of to describe it… I play very few hours a week compared to the “hardcore” raiders, yet I still raid. I only have two characters at max level, yet I peruse all the blogs, play with the spreadsheets, tweak and re-tweak rotations, and generally make a nerd of myself while my lovely wife hides her face in her hands.

That said, my scribblings need a home. They are tired of residing on a Myspace blog, a guild site, and another hunter’s blog. This is a consolidation of my musings, tips, wonderings, theories, rants, ramblings, and mental flotsam and jetsam. Most will be wow-related, some will not. Hopefully, you will find them useful or entertaining.

Fitz is a casual WoW player, a U.S. Army Drill sergeant (reservist, now), and occasional wannabe rock star.

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dee'ness says:

    Nice site Fitz! I know very few people who can pull off 1 lvl 80 & not go for more. My 80 Prot Pally “Beverlee” is sort of stuck in limbo. 1/2 our guild moved to a diff server because we were tired of waiting over an hour in queue…but the prob is now it’s not as easy getting raids together & I usually hate pugging. So with less raiding I ended up with an 80 Pally, Rogue & Mage… I think that’s all. =D

  2. monte moore says:

    hello, I’m doing an illustration of Onyxia’s death, and sinew being harvested…but I am not a player of the game. Can you tell me what color the harvested sinew is, and if it glows magically what color it should be?

    Monte Moore

  3. Paulo says:

    Yes, Amen and Yes again! You are so right about EVERYTHING, Kari! The battle is the Lord’s, but we wage the war in the power of the Holy Spirit that is witihn us. He paid the price for us to have that authority with His life and blood. I think sometimes discouragement and despair just creep in and we just don’t realize that is where we have landed until it smacks us in the face. Then, we say, OH! Time to go to war! That’s just part of our humanity. But, praise to God that we are NOT defenseless. He has given us the tools, His armor to defeat the dragon Satan as he prowls the earth AS IF A roaring lion . He’s not one though! We must remember that. Thank you, Sweet One, for this powerful post. Yes, we are on the same page today! Love you! OX

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