Cataclysm, Me, and Casual play

3.2 is upon us, Cataclysm has been announced, and /AFK Auto Shot has been conspicuously absent from the blogosphere. Basically, work has been a complete draw on my time, and I have very little time for other things, WoW included.

I’m a Drill Sergeant in the Army, which basically means that I’m working nearly 7 days a week, up at 0330 many days, and leaving well after dinner for home. I get home, I eat, and I sleep most days. Some days, if I get off at a reasonable hour, I play for a bit… but most days, nothing.

So I’ve decended further down the “casual” ladder, but have still managed to progress a little, gear-wise, thanks to the 3.2 changes that make gearing up extremely casual friendly. I picked up enough emblems for a [Broach of the Wailing Night] and a [Belt of the Ardent Marksman], which were my last ilvl 200 pieces other than the Darkmoon card I have.

More later… will edit this post. Inspection coming for the recruits.

Guild disinterest and Ulduar

AUO has hit somewhat of a dry spell. Several members have left for other guilds, and a few key players have left for other servers entirely…

It’s a tad depressing, as the guild was my introduction to a less-casual, raiding endgame. My first forays into Karazhan were with AUO, and it sucks to see things so bleak, considering it’s my first real guild. We raided kara together, we levelled through wrath together, and we cleared Naxx, OS, and Malygos together. We got our Champion of the Frozen Waste titles together, and have ganked Horde together.

I haven’t noticed too much, as I’ve been busy. The Fitzer guild has a new lowbie human named Brooklyn Paige. See the NEXT post for epic baby pics. My raiding/playing will be even less frequent now, but hopefully i’ll be able to log in a little while each week, if nothing else to keep up with people.

I’ll tell you what. Pacifying an upset baby at 2AM is harder than any hard mode raid, that’s for sure. You think consumables are hard to keep up with in a raid… they ain’t got nothing on banging around in the kitchen in the middle of the night trying to prepare a bottle!

She’s cute as all hell. I have a WoW outfit for her but she’s not big enough for it yet. I’ll post pics when she grows into it.

Also, coming tomorrow: A post about the new changes with 3.2 and how it will affect hunters. Lots of exciting things afoot!