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Meet Darallun (Now Fitz, so that when people say “hey Fitz,” others aren’t confused). He’s a Night Elf Hunter who resides on Bleeding Hollow. He’s a proud member of Aculeus Upon Ordeum, and is my only level 80 one of two level 80s. He started his life as “Sylah” on the Sisters of Elune RP server… I assumed there would be less annoying kids on an RP server, and I was right to a certain extent. However, there were more weird RP types.

Now, I don’t have anything against some good “Let’s slay this infernal dragon,” stuff… but I was encountering way too much of the “Hey, stout night elf! Why don’t you remove your tunic,” type stuff… *shudder*

Fitz changed his name to avoid the ARPEE stalkers, and transferred to the Khadgar realm until about level 70, but had not began raiding yet. Basically, he was doing dailies and wishing he was in a guild that did some casual raiding.

Then came AUO. His first day into AUO went roughly like this: “Hey, welcome to the guild. Kara in 20 minutes.”

Vilkas the wolf is Fitz’s loyal companion. He was rescued from those nasty Dwarves in Storm Peaks. He likes to eat S’Mores. Also, PaRappa is his loyal raptor.

Vanhellen is the bald, goatee’d tankadin that I recently started, and recently hit 80 on. He’s tankerific and I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Fitz – Level 90 Night Elf Mohawk… er… Hunter.

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Vanhale - Level 90 Human Facerolladin tank!

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