Reforging for the win!

So, I have had this [Shaft of Glacial Ice] in my bags for a while, but hadn’t put it on to replace my ilvl 245 staff. It has gobs of hit, and I was already capped. I didn’t want to waste the itemization.

Reforging is the answer! I removed hit from a ton of my equipment, and now i’m right at the cap, with the new staff!

Head on over to “Simply Enchanting” in dalaran to give it a try!

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Emailed question from “Gerg”

Presented in it’s entirety for posterity.

Hi Fitz

Foenix lvl 80 NE hunter Kul Tiras

Am so confused re auto shot. In short, when must I use it ie press auto shot button? My gs is 5.7k and I seldom do more than 3k dps:-(

Was sv before patch 4, now tried mm and bm.

Thanks a ton if you have time to help.


You don’t ever press the autoshot button. I am going to assume you are talking about steady shot, in which case you use that when you’re low on focus.

I found him on the EU Armory, so I’ll blame the poor typing on that.

What’s of greater concern to me than the autoshot button question is the insane amount of hit rating he has. As you can see, he’s at almost 13 percent hit rating, which is certainly not helping his DPS, as everything above the 8 percent cap is wasted itemization.

Fix that, work on your rotation, and your DPS will get better.

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The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm – A Huntard’s review

I recently finished reading Christie Golden’s “The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm,” and in the spirit of actually working on this blog again, I’m reviewing it for your edification. Or annoyance. Whatevs.

Note: If you read a review of a novel, and expect for there not to be spoilers, you’re an idiot. But, I’m putting a break in here anyways, because I’d hate to spoil it for people who haven’t read it. Read the review after the jump!

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Cataclysm Beta – Do I REALLY want in?

I’m having trouble deciding whether or not I really want in on the Cataclysm Beta. On the one hand, being able to blog the changes and new zones immediately would be immensely fun and probably help me to get some traffic to this site, I can see how being involved in the Beta might spoil the opening night festivities for me a little. Maybe the solution, if I can score an invite, is to level a Horde-side hunter (or maybe there are premade characters) In order to blog the changes without spoiling my main’s story experience.


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Finally settled in to the new place, just in time.

For a metric buttload of Cataclysm info to come in.

I’m particularly happy with the Aimed Shot changes, just because I missed when Aimed Shot actually required your character to take time to aim, for a huge damage boost. This is a killer shot, and if you can get one off in PvP, it will HURT

I logged on last night to take a look at Ruby Sanctum and fell into a shitty pug, which seems to be my lot. My interest in the game is really waning, but has piqued again with cataclysm information.

I miss the old guild days. I miss having enough people online to fill a raid, and the people that used to raid with us.

Maybe I’m outgrowing the game, or maybe I need to get into PvP and actually get good at it. I figure I won’t be burned out on it as much when Cata comes out, so for now I will try to see Ruby Sanctum, try to kill the Lich King, and bide my time until the Cataclysm happens. I’ve let this blog suffer too, because if I can’t be motivated to play, how the heck am I going to be motivated to write about it? Again, Cataclysm will change that I think, especially if I can swing a beta invite. As a Mac user and a blogger, I hope that the combination of those two things will help me gain an invite.

In other news, I have moved to the DC Area and started my new job. In fact, I’m very near two guildies with whom I’ve become very close with. Me and my wife are super excited to meet them in person.

SV looks to be very interesting so far… it’s got a talent that adds a 30 percent instant damage component to the sting, and a periodic crit buff.

Aspect of the Fox seemed AWESOME when I first read about it… but Frostheim pointed out that those of us who are GOOD can shoot while moving anyways with stutter-stepping. So focus regen is improved, and autoshot on the move is made possible, but you lose the Hawk damage bonus.

A lot to think about. I look forward to more information coming in.

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What a Long, Obnoxious Trip it’s Been…

Finally… after one year of griefers, campers, and shitheads. I Haz it.

Screen shot 2010-05-02 at 3.11.49 PMLet’s take a look back at the WONDROUS gameplay moments I’ve had doing these achievements over the past year!

To Honor One’s Elders

Ah, the joys of corpse running through Orgrimmar to get at the Elders. This one actually wasn’t too bad at all, just EXCRUCIATINGLY time consuming, much like many of these holiday achievements.

Fool For Love

I did this post-nerf… bought the beads I needed and purchased most everything. Again, not too bad.

Hallowed be Thy Name

The morons that didn’t understand the premise behind stopping the burning building drove me batty… GNERD Rage was a pain in my ass… as was the toothpick cheeve… As a matter of fact, I got the pick close to the end of the holiday.


Easy… and an excuse to drink while playing!

Flame Warden

Other than getting the flames from enemy cities, this one was time consuming, but easy.

Merry Maker

The first holiday cheeve I tried… and I even posted about it here. Fa La La La Ogri’la was a pain because you had to open up the quests… The HKs as a helper was tough.

Noble Gardener

People camping egg spawns, taking advantage of your mis-click to ninja one you were next to… People taking their bunnies out then putting them away right as soon as yours was out. Overall a good opportunity for douchebaggery.

For The Children

Go to hell, children. School of Hard Knocks RUINS the BGs. I got extremely lucky. This achievement is stupid… every man for himself, no one giving any thought to winning.

And now, I quit playing the game again until I have employment. Cheers!

BTW… still looking for another writer. Send me samples through the site email.


I haven’t logged in in several weeks.

I’ve been involved in moving and the job search… May have a few offers, but haven’t had time to play, and my internet access is via a tethered iphone.

Anyways… I’ll be online to get my 310 speed proto in a few days doing Children’s week, but other than that…. see you all when I’m settled in somewhere!

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The Job Search

Sorry for the infrequent updates… I’ve been frantically trying to find work, as my current contract ends April 16th.

Anyone looking to hire IT people? Degree in information systems, CCNA, ACTC, ACSA, and tons of military leadership experience.