The Guild

Aculeus Upon Ordeum

“Pain Upon The Horde”

A Ragtag group of self-designated “casuals,” who still manage to clear raids. AUO has truly become a kind of family, complete with the occasional bickering and nonsense. I came over from another server for the sole reason to join this guild, and have progressed farther than I would have otherwise thanks to their constant willingness to help a huntard out. Any modicum of skill I have with the hunter class is entirely their doing.

Bre, of, was a staple of my wow-blog diet, until one day I read a post that AUO, her guild, was recruiting. My app was immediate, and I transferred over forthwith. A very knowledgeable player on both her hunter and her new main, a priest, Bre can always be counted on to lend a hand, and her patient leadership of the guild (and ability to overlook my DPS-meter-spam and Loot-QQ) has kept us all together and motivated.

Krystofar, another hunter, is a valued source of my musings and theories. He also convinces me to spend tons of gold on a trinket. He and his wife (Justamom) have about a bazillion gold, and assist in the day to day operations of the guild.

Schmooz, although a Rogue (which i hate) and a Gnome (which i hate), is nevertheless a valued guild member, mostly because he gives me arrows for mah pew-pew. Him being a member of the Coast guard gives me a person to bitch about Officers with. His son also plays a rogue… good god.

Edreus and Ovilisk, the two mikes, have been staple friends of mine since they rolled their toons. After running them through the stockades as lowbies, I watched as they quietly caught up to me, both in level and in phat lewts. Edreus abandoned his Warrior tank in favor of a death knight, much to my DPS meter’s chagrin.

Shiadi refers to himself in the third person… but he also heals my pet, so he is awesomesauce.

Siarah doesn’t refer to herself in the third person… and she also heals my pet, so she is also awesomesauce.

Iglo/Kognon, the partying, crazy, Mage/paladin. I can’t understand him, but I never fail to have a good time when he shows up yelling “PARTY TIME!!!!”

Rogacien – In addition to tanking and/or healing my silly classic raids, he provides vital translation when Kognon is around. Salut!

Nate – His many toons provide much utility, and his smart-assedness provide much milk/soda/beer out of my nose and onto my monitor.

And a big shout out to Adam, Chiki, Doominus, Raoull, Saak, Homie, Beermaker and his lady, and all the other peeps I’m forgetting at the moment. Oh yeah, and Millie and Rorik. Millie for getting smashed at raids with me and Rorik for putting up with her shenanigans. And listening to me whine.

5 Responses to “The Guild”

  1. Dagr says:

    DPS meter’s chagrin…No one better to raid with than Fitz. There is always fun to be had. Especially when beer and ventrilo is involved. 🙂

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